Way of the Wicked

Call Forth the Darkness

The Ninth Knot had succeeded in breaking the watch wall. Balentyne has been pillaged and burned to the ground by the Fire-Axe’s army. The knot walked to the shore of Lake Tarik following Tiadora to a ship where she said they’d recieve their next assignment. Grumblejack followed close behind Teufulhunden and after a deep breath he too boarded the ship. With that, the ship departed for Farholde on the other side of Talingarde.

In addition to the crew and captain, there was a quiet mysterious man on board the ship who kept to himself the first several days of the journey. On the third day, he introduced himself to the knot. He was Dermer, an oracle of Asmodeus. Twelve days into the journey, Dermer, Tom, Raxuhs, Graven, and Teufulhunden were summoned by Tiadora. “The master demands your presence,” she said.

In the cabin Cardinal Thorn informed the knot of their lastest mission. Find the Horn of Abbadon and summon the daemon prince Vetra Kali Eats the Eyes. Once he has been brought back to this world, obtain the Tears of Achlys from him. A plague that struck fear in the heart of the Victor would surely be something that could be used for the destruction of Talingarde. The Fourth Knot had already been sent on this assignment and had failed. The Elf, Aiden Kael, had notified Cardinal Thorn that he had found the Horn before contact was lost. Before leaving, Cardinal Thron had Dermer sign the Pact of Thorns and forged him into the Ninth Knot to ensure their success. He also sent the Seventh Knot led by Elise Zadaria to assist the Ninth.

A day later they arrived in Farholde. While some of the knot was off shopping and selling others were pursuing local rumors. The next day, the knot attended a dinner with Tiadorra to be introduced to the baron. The dinner took a turn for the worse when Tom Riddle cast charm person on Baron Vandermir at the dinner table. Dermer was able to smooth things over with the Baron and soon the Baron was seeing things their way. He offered them a safe house in his mansion as well as his services for the duration of their stay.

While everyone was settling in for the evening, Dermer decided to put his forgery skills to work. He was able to forge a deed stating ownership of a run down tavern. The owner and his drug addicted brother were at a loss for words, but when they were told they could keep their jobs and he would be improving the place, they had no issues. After some refurbishment and cleaning the tavern was looking quite nice. It even had a name! The Thirsty Thief.

While inquiring about rumors, Teufulhunden discovered that an Elf staying at the Wandering Friar disappeared about a week back. Going by the inn, the innkeeper was about to clear out the room, but was willing to let Teufulhunden into the room if he paid the past due bill. After paying the bill and taking a look around the room, Teufulhunden found a map with the location of the Horn of Abbadon marked on it and a pouch of gold, more than covering the past due bill.

Regrouping for the evening, everyone was present except Grumblejack. After poking around the Drownington district, it turns out Grumblejack has quite the fan club at Lord Drownington’s Manor. The crowd has gathered around listening to Grumblejack’s story of breaking out from Branderscar prison. Thankfully no one believes the ogre’s “outlandish” story. Teufulhunden brings Grumblejack back to the inn after explaining that “We can’t be telling people that we broke out of prison.”

The following day the Seventh Knot arrived on the Lucky Lady as Tiadora said they would. They seem to think they traveled here with Tiadora too. Elise explained that they would be setting up intelligence the the town and would notify the Ninth Knot of any adventurers heading their way if they were unable to be dealt with. Though she wouldn’t say it, Raxuhs could tell Elise was furious that her knot was given the support role while the Ninth Knot was given the main responsibility for this mission. While everyone completed their final preparations, Dermer headed over to The Thirsty Thief to see how things were going. To his dismay, the place was a mess again. Hopefully it would stay clean after this…

They left for the horn. Thanks to the map from Aiden Kael’s room, it was an easy journey. As they got closer to the Horn they encountered a treant. His name was Jurak and he was there to guard the Horn and prevent evil from returning. He did a terrible job. Tom Riddle burned him to a crisp with a scorching ray.

Surveying the multiple entrances to the Horn, the group decided starting on the third floor would be best. Tom Riddle cast fly on Grumblejack so he could shuttle everyone to the third floor of the Horn.

The third floor was largely abandoned and destroyed. While investigating the floor they discovered a room radiating a magical aura. When saying “Hail Vetra-Kali” before entering, the door leads to a pocket dimension that is also a treasure room. Inside was the wraith Ezra Thrice Damned. Ezra is pleased to hear they are here to break the seal and agrees to let them take the third eye of vetra kali that is in his possession as well as the other “useless” treasure.

After clearing out the third floor, Raxuhs dropped a rope and grappling hook to allow everyone to repel down to the second level. Investigating several rooms turned up very little other than signs of battle years ago and broken furniture. In one of the rooms they noticed that they were more stone heads than smashed statues and one appeared to be more intricate than the others. Teufulhunden decided that it would be an excellent idea to smash the intricate stone head. At the end of the hall the group found a break in the wall of the Horn where several oozes had intruded. The oozes put everyone to sleep momentariy, but after waking up, the oozes were promptly dispatched.


Time Passed: 15 Days


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